GYEON Ceramic Coating (quartz MOHS): A Detailed Review


In a world of cars being cleaned fast, it’s important to find new things that keep them safe and make them look good at all times. One thing gaining attention in the trade is GYEON Ceramic Coating (quartz MOHS).

This top-quality ceramic coating isn’t just another item you can buy. It’s a game-changer. GYEON Ceramic Coating is known for its shiny look and protection against chemicals and UV rays. People say it’s the hardest coating that many people can buy. This product says it will make your car as shiny as can be and keep it safe from bad weather too.

But what makes GYEON Ceramic Coating special in a busy market? Is it worth the investment? And most importantly, does it meet its promises? In this blog post, we are going to talk about GYEON Ceramic Coating. We’ll look at what it does and how you use it. This will help you understand the product better. So, if you like cars and want to make your vehicle look new or are a professional cleaner who wants to give your customers the best, this review is for you. Let’s dive in!

What is GYEON Ceramic Coating?

GYEON Ceramic Coating (like quartz hardness) is a special protection layer made just for cars. It is a product that comes under the group of ceramic coatings. These are types of coverings used in the car business to safeguard vehicles outside.

The main part of GYEON Ceramic Coating is made up of silicon dioxide (SiO2), also called silica. When it’s put on a car, this silica makes a strong glass-like layer. That’s why they call it ‘ceramic’. This layer is very strong (that’s why it’s called ‘quartz MOHS’, which means how hard a mineral can be on the MOHS scale). It also protects against burning with chemicals and gives a shiny look that makes the car look better.

But the good things about GYEON Ceramic Coating are not just about looks. The coating also gives great protection against many outdoor risks like sunlight, rain with acid, bird poop, and more. It’s hydrophobic, which means it doesn’t like water. This makes your car easier to clean and take care of.

GYEON Ceramic Coating is a thing that does two jobs. It makes your car look nicer and keeps it safe from damage caused by the environment. It’s a thing made for those who wish to keep their cars looking good for as long as they can.

gyeon ceramic coating

User Reviews

here are some user reviews of the GYEON Ceramic Coating (quartz MOHS) that I found:

Anders: “This is how a covering should be. It’s good and simple to use.”

Sammy: “Love it! Used it on 4 cars already and the results were very good. Beautiful finish. After a year with 3 cars, they still look just like the day we bought them.”

Eric: “High slickness, gloss. Easier to use than Quartz 2.0. Very very slick, not tacky. Making blacks darker and shining bright. Decent price point.”

Ward: “20 months in. I am not a fan. Application is very easy. I wished I had put on two layers of paint at the start. It loses its water-repellent qualities very fast and no ceramic helpers have been able to make it better again.

Ceramic Coating Reviews: “Overall grade: B+. Cost: $45.98. In general, GYEON quartz MOHS Ceramic Coating is costly but it’s worth the money. Its amazing water-repellent features and shiny look make it special, but the small scratches are just normal things to see.

Application Process

The GYEON Ceramic Coating is made to be used easily by anyone, but you need to focus on small details when applying it. This helps to get the best results. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Preparation: Before you begin the car application process, your vehicle must be very clean and free of dust or dirt. Keep away from any grit too, please! Fix any problems on the outside before putting on protection.

Application: The ceramic coating from GYEON comes with a tool for applying it and a soft towel made of microfiber to use. To use the cover, you need a little bit of it on your tool. Then, the tool is used to put the thing on the car’s side in a wavy shape. This way makes sure that everything is covered fully and fairly.

Removal: When you use the thing, make sure it doesn’t stay wet for too long. Use a dry, clean towel made of microfiber quickly after using the paint. Wipe it off right away with this towel to keep things neat. This step gets rid of any bumps or marks at the end.

Curing: When GYEON Ceramic Coating is put on and taken off, it needs to stay dry for a while. Currently, you must keep the car dry from rain and snow to ensure it stays properly on its surface.

Keep in mind, that the app process may seem easy but you need to think carefully. It’s best to closely follow the maker’s instructions for a great outcome. If you don’t want to do it alone, think about asking a professional cleaner for help.

Standout Features

Superior Protection

People like GYEON Ceramic Coating because it does a great job of keeping things safe. The cover sticks for a long time to the car’s side, making protection that can last several years. This level is good against water, dirt, and strong chemicals that your car might face on the road. It’s also safe from sun rays. This means that your car’s paint job will not get damaged easily, keeping it looking new for a long time.

High Gloss Finish

GYEON Ceramic Coating makes your car look nice with a shiny touch. When the coating fills small holes in it, the paint smoothes out and becomes like glass. This not only gives the car a shiny, new look but also shows off how rich and bright its paint color is.

Hydrophobic Properties

One good thing about the GYEON Ceramic Coating is its ability to keep water away. When used, the cover creates a top that sends water away. When water touches a covered surface, it only forms drops and moves away. This not only keeps the car clean but also stops water marks and hard spots from showing on its outside.

Ease of Maintenance

With GYEON Ceramic Coating, looking after your car is simple. Your car stays clean for longer because the covering keeps away dust and dirt. When it’s time to clean, the dirt easily goes away without needing much work or strong cleaning supplies. This not only saves your time and work but also helps to make the color of your car last longer.

Price and Value

In terms of cost, GYEON Ceramic Coating (quartz MOHS) is thought to be a high-end item in the car fixing world. It costs more than some other choices you can find. But, it’s key to think about what you’re getting for that cost.

The worth of GYEON Ceramic Coating comes from its excellent protection, shiny look, and simple care. This covering makes a strong but not forever connection to the car’s surface. It gives protection that lasts for a long time and can handle different problems that come from nature. This means you won’t have to put on the covering again often, saving you time and work.

Also, the shiny look makes your car more beautiful and could raise its value when you sell it later. The water-resistant nature of the protective layer makes keeping your car clean much easier, saving you more time and cash on washing and grooming services.

So, even though GYEON Ceramic Coating is more expensive at first, the good things it gives and the money you save over time make it a smart buy for many people who have cars. Like any investment, it’s key to study and think about your own needs and money when making a choice.


In the world of car cleaning, GYEON Ceramic Coating (quartz MOHS) has made a special spot for itself. With its good protection, shiny look, water-hating features, and easy care; this top product does what it says.

But, like any item, it comes with its thoughts. Some might not like the high cost, but when you compare it with long-term good things and savings, many people think it’s a great thing to spend on. It shows the old saying that quality costs money.

But you shouldn’t choose to invest in GYEON Ceramic Coating carelessly. It’s important to study carefully, know what you need, and think about your money. What helps one person with their car might not help another. It’s about getting the right mix of price and worth.

In the end, GYEON Ceramic Coating (quartz MOHS) is more than just an item; it’s a promise to keep your car looking great and lasting long. For many car owners, that promise is worth all the money.

Remember, the top product is the one that works for you, costs less, and makes you feel safe. It’s only you who can decide if GYEON Ceramic Coating (quartz MOHS) is the right product for you. Happy detailing!