Review: Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light)


One product that has been attracting attention in the field of car care is Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light). Gtechniq is a known brand in the car care industry and offers a line of ceramic coating products including this one.

The Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) is no ordinary car care product. This is a super-hydrophobic professional-grade ultra-durable protection formula. In other words, it is designed to provide your car with high protection and a glossy, well-maintained appearance.

One of the biggest selling points of the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) is its affordability. It is a professional tool, but priced within the range of ordinary car owners. This is a huge advantage for it means that many more people can give their cars the kind of high-quality care and protection that only used to be available to the professionals.

The Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) also has another notable feature–it is effortless to apply. You don’t need to be an expert in car care to use this product properly. The application process is simple and easy to follow, making this a great product for both veteran car enthusiasts as well as those just beginning to care for their own cars.

Product Overview

Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) is a car care product designed with professional-grade, super-durable, super-hydrophobic effects in mind. The bottle is practical and businesslike. It consists of a compound made up of SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) and TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide), which is known as the protective layer for ceramic coating. A gloss-like shine, and water-repelling protection are guaranteed by the company.

A super-hydrophobic property is one of the special characteristics of the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light). In other words, it has a very good water repellency. This is just what’s needed in car care products. This keeps the car clean and eliminates the risk of water damage.

In addition to its protective attributes, the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) also gives the car a more beautiful appearance. It lends a gloss-like shine and makes the car look well-maintained and attractive.

The Gtechniq Ceramic coating (Crystal Serum Light) is not just for professionals. It is user-friendly and can easily be applied by anyone. Just apply it and wipe it off. For best results, it is recommended to apply it in layers.

Application Process Of Gtechniq Ceramic Coating

The Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) application process has been carefully designed to be simple, making the product both accessible and usable by professionals and car enthusiasts alike. Here’s a more detailed look at the steps involved:

Step 1: Clean the Car

Thoroughly cleaning your car is the first step in the application process. This is important because it means all dirt, grime, and other contaminants are removed from the paint surface before the ceramic coating is applied. This can be achieved by washing your car with a good shampoo for cars, and then rinsing it with clean water.

Step 2: Paint Preparation & Correction

After your car is clean, the next step is to prepare the paint for the application of the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light). This translates into checking for scratches, swirls, and fade on any kind of paint surface and eliminating these imperfections to create a smoother surface. For this purpose, you may use rubbing compounds and polish. Once the surface has been corrected, clean your microfiber cloth gently in Isopropyl alcohol and wipe down any excess polish, waxes, and oils. This step is crucial, as it makes sure that the coating adheres well to the surface.

Step 3: Apply the Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating

Now that the surface has been prepared, you can apply the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light). For this, make sure the panel feels cool to the touch. To use, apply two drops from the dropper into the applicator pad, and use a microfiber towel to dap. Evenly saturate the product in the applicator. Spread the product lightly and uniformly over either a wet or dry surface until it disappears.

Step 4: Allow the Coating to Bond

Once the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) has been applied, the product should be given a few minutes to adhere to the surface. After that, wipe the surface with a new, clean microfiber, lightly buffing until perfectly clean and clear.

To achieve the best results, the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) should be applied in layers. But it needs 24 hours between coats for the best bonding. Moreover, wash your towels and applicators immediately so the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) dries and doesn’t stick to your towel.

User Reviews

The Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating received rave reviews from users, who praised its effectiveness and ease of use.

Positive Feedback

The product has received rave reviews for shine that lasts and paint protection. They have discovered the Mothers CMX Ceramic Spray Coating to be a fabulous product that lasts a long time and keeps its shine. The product is easy to apply, and users have also appreciated this. They found the product easy to apply, and it beads water off the surface for quite some time.

Areas of Caution

The reviews are generally favorable, but some complain that you need to be careful not to get any on the exterior plastic, otherwise the plastic will be whitened. But they also said that there are things to clean it up. It just leaves everything looking nice.

Here are some real user reviews of the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light):

  1. Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) is a great product that goes the distance and keeps its sheen. It’s easy to apply, and it even beads water off the surface for a good long time.
  2. With so many new products being released worldwide, how can you tell which product you can rely on? One that stands out is Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light), which has outstanding water-beading and sheeting abilities. They lead not only to a water-spot-free automobile but a feature you won’t easily find in a high-quality cer
  3. In general, I am quite satisfied with the use of the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light). It is very convenient if you peel it off within the stipulated time and if it works as advertised, it will be equal to the other coatings on the market.
  4. It’s also easy to apply, long-lasting and hydrophobic. We like Gtechniq Serum Light. It’s a no-nonsense product which we have used with great success to bring our cars to the level of shine and protection, that we have never been able to achieve with other products.


Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) has turned out to be a shining star among car care products. Its combination of professional-level protection, ease of use, and competitive price make it a highly sought-after choice by both professionals and car enthusiasts.

The ultra-durable, super-hydrophobic protection formula is one of the key features of the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light). Not only does this formula greatly protect your car, it also polishes it and gives it a glass-like sheen. The dual functions of protection and aesthetics give it a significant advantage over other products in the market.

Another reason for its popularity is the product’s ease of use. The simple application process thus makes it accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of car detailing experience. Combined with the product’s professional-grade quality, it is a great option for anyone looking to add a bit of high-end care and protection to their car.

Nonetheless, although the product is popular as a whole, you should be careful about applying it to exterior plastic-it will whiten the plastic. Yet, with careful application and the application of restorative products, this problem can be well handled.

To sum up, the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) is not just a car care product. Put simply, it is a means by which you can professionally protect your car, and keep it looking the way it did when it left the factory floor, at a reasonable cost and with as little effort as possible. For anyone who is a professional detailer and needs a reliable product, or simply the owner of a car who wants the best, the Gtechniq Ceramic Coating (Crystal Serum Light) is designed just for you. As ever, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using any car care products.